Susan Fletcher and Frontier Chinooks are located on “Mud Hill” just outside of Washougal, Washington.  Washougal is one of the northeastern suburbs of Portland, Oregon, on the Washington State side of the Columbia River. “Mud Hill” got its name for a reason. Susan Fletcher moved to the property outside of Washougal in the early 1990s, looking for a place to build a house and have as many animals as she wanted. The property slopes upwards from the access road. Since this is Western Washington and they do receive copious amounts of rain nine months of the year, which produces the mud that gives them the Mud Hill name. It surprises many visitors that those other three months are typically a near drought and Mud Hill turns into Dust Hill. But its home and the humans simply wear boots, have scrapers at the door, tile floors inside, and mop often.

Susan is a professional dog trainer with a wide variety of interests, both canine and otherwise. Her dogs compete in agility, flyball, obedience, weight pull, and have an extensive repertoire of tricks. Frontier dogs — both those she has bred and those that arrive by other means — are known for their outstanding temperaments. The emphasis in the Frontier breeding program is on healthy dogs that with the best personalities possible. Puppies are placed in homes where they will have a job to do, be it as a family pet and companion, as service dogs for the disabled, showing in conformation, or in competitive agility, rally, or obedience.  The job can be almost anything as long as there is something to occupy the brain of a dog that tends to be rather smart.

Enjoy your visit to Mud Hill and introduction to the Frontier Chinook pack.  In addition to your virtual visit to Mud Hill, actual visitors are also welcome; Susan enjoys having people come by to meet the dogs. Though the breed is not as rare as it was when she first began her Chinook adventure in the late 1980s, there are still very few locations where you can meet a group of Chinooks all at once.  Please call to arrange a time (usually on weekends). Susan works in Portland at a dog training and daycare facility and occasionally has people meet her there.

Frontier Chinooks only breeds every few years, concentrating instead on having fun in the various dog sports.

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