Susan Fletcher
Washougal, Washington

Home: (360) 835-5803
Text & Cell: (360) 831-3379

2 thoughts on “Contact

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  2. Martha Connell

    Hi, Susan. Thanks for the great session today. Lee and I really enjoyed it and learned a lot. So glad for the real life experience when you brought your dog in. These dogs are gorgeous! I love knowing breeds of dogs, and it’s been years since I’ve come across a breed I hadn’t even heard of–especially an American dog breed! These photos are great. I love the chihuahua mixes (am I right?) tossed in. I am so fascinated by the upturned and downturned ears. What is the explanation for that? And yet the color is so uniform, considering how many color variations so many breeds have.
    I’ll call Lisa and set up another appointment in a month or so. Thanks! Martha


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